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MSI (Mathematical Science Investigation): Anatomy of Integers and Permutations April 29, 2011 All Day
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Location: Simons Auditorium

"SOLD-OUT": There are no more seats available for "MSI: Anatomy"; however, if you would like to sign-up for the Wait List, please go to:

If a seat becomes available, people on the Wait List will be contacted.

The free, staged reading of "MSI (Mathematical Science Investigation): Anatomy of Integers and Permutations" will be held at 7:00 PM-8:30 PM in the Simons Auditorium at MSRI (17 Gauss Way, Berkeley). "MSI: Anatomy" is an experimental work that blurs the boundaries between pure mathematics, film, and live performance. ANDREW GRANVILLE, mathematician and vulgarizer; JENNIFER GRANVILLE, actor and screenwriter; MICHAEL SPENCER, performance designer, have collaborated to present a rehearsed reading.  In addition, a Q&A session with Andrew Granville will follow the presentation.

On the evening of April 29, you will discover that the “MSI: Anatomy” plot thickens:  There have been two homicides. The bodies are in the morgue and are ready to be examined, it does not seem like there is any link between the two crime victims, an integer and a permutation.  Mathematical forensic experts are ready to dissect the corpses and to study the anatomy of the victims.  There will be several (mathematical) surprises.  Come and participate in the autopsy!

To attend the "MSI: Anatomy" performance you must register to reserve your seat due to very limited seating. 

If you are bringing a guest, please register them by entering their name and using your e-mail address.  It is highly unlikely that any seats will be available on the night of the play, so please sign-up in advance!

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