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Inez Fung: Verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions November 06, 2013 (07:00 PM PST - 08:15 PM PST)
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Location: Berkeley City College (BCC): http://goo.gl/0vJRT


Inez Fung: Verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 7:00–8:15 pm
Berkeley City College Auditorium: 2050 Center Street, between Shattuck Ave. & Milvia St., in Berkeley (near the Downtown Berkeley BART station)

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and Berkeley City College cordially invite you to attend a lecture by Dr. Inez Fung on Verifying Greenhouse Gas Emissions," which is part of the series Not on the Test: The Pleasures and Uses of Mathematics.  This lecture series is dedicated to engaging the public through speakers on mathematics whose expertise, passion, and ability to explain what they do with math can be understood by all.

As international, national and local targets for greenhouse gas emissions are discussed and implemented, how well do we know whether the targets are being met?  Trust but verify.  Dr. Inez Fung will show how data assimilation techniques merge observations with models to test the similarity between reported emissions and estimates that have been inferred from their atmospheric signatures.

Dr. Inez Fung has studied climate change for 20 years.  She has created large-scale mathematical modeling approaches and numerical models to represent the geographic and temporal variations of sources and sinks of CO2, dust and other trace substances around the globe.  She is a professor of atmospheric science in UC Berkeley’s earth and planetary science and environmental science, policy and management departments.  Fung’s work in climate modeling predicts the co-evolution of CO2 and climate and concludes that the diminishing capacities of the land and oceans to store carbon are acting to accelerate global warming.  She is founding director of the Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center and of the Berkeley Institute of the Environment.  In 2005, Dr. Fung was named one the “Scientific American 50.”  She is a contributing author to the Assessment Reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a scientific body under the auspices of the United Nations, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with Vice President Al Gore.

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The generous support of the Simons Foundation has made possible the "Not on the Test" MSRI-BCC lecture series.

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