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Anna Patterson on Search Engines Through the Ages October 22, 2014 (07:00 PM PDT - 08:15 PM PDT)
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Location: Berkeley City College, 2050 Center Street, Berkeley, CA 94704

  Search Engines Through the Ages

  Anna Patterson, Google, Inc.

  October 22, 2014

  7:00-8:15 p.m. 



Accessing information has radically changed through the advent of the internet. And so have the tools of searching - and finding - knowledge, news, and gossip. Anna Patterson takes us back in time before “to google” became the synonym for searching the web, and looks at the different ways we've searched from taxonomies to text-based to algorithms and beyond. She will also explain these changes and talk about the latest developments, as well as take a glimpse into the future.

Anna Patterson is VP of Engineering, Artificial Intelligence for Google. She was the architect of one of Google's largest search serving systems TeraGoogle and also led efforts in Web Search, Ads and Shopping. She is the co-founder of Cuil a clustering-based search engine and wrote Recall.archive.org, a history-based search engine out of the Internet Archive which showed trends over time. 

Admission is free and open to the public. Seating, however, is limited, and we encourage you to reserve your seat in advance to ensure admission.


Patterson 10/22/14

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Patterson 10/22/14

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