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Pilates led by Tatiana Gelfand November 09, 2015 (05:30 PM PST - 06:30 PM PST)
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Location: SLMath: Eisenbud Auditorium
The class will be led by - Tatiana Gelfund
Tatiana will be volunteering her time but we have encouraged her to ask for donations to cover expenses associated with travel to and from MSRI. 
MSRI has a limited number of yoga mats available here on a first come first serve basis, so if you have one you can bring from home that would be appreciated. We also suggest wearing comfortable clothes or bringing a change of clothes for this class. 
Beginner Pilates is definitely low intensity. Unlike Yoga, Pilates focuses more on core strength (think working deeper rather than harder), coordination, control, and balance. There's a lot of focus on the quality of movement - so fewer reps with a large focus on core (or deep abdominal and back muscles). Definitely good for beginners or individuals who have sedentary jobs -Pilates is often used as part of injury rehabilitation, because of it's low impact on joints.
Pilates is fairly versatile, but here are a few sample videos that would give you an idea of the mat work Tatiana will be leading:
Tatiana Gelfunds Background:
Tatiana is an experienced Pilates instructor and artist, and she is related to the well known Mathematician Israel Gelfand, which is why she is happy to share her knowledge and time with us here at MSRI.
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