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Graduate Student Warm-Up Workshop in Algebraic Geometry June 18, 2005 to June 22, 2005
Organizers Sándor Kovács, Tony Pantev, and Ravi Vakil
This workshop is intended for graduate students planning to attend the AMS Summer School in Algebraic Geometry . Roughly once every decade, there is a huge AMS-sponsored conference in algebraic geometry, bringing together many of the leaders in this broad and vigorous field. This three-week conference provides a tremendous opportunity for those lucky enough to be in graduate school at that time. However, the sheer volume of research talks in disparate parts of the field can be overwhelming. Hence in the previous week, a workshop for graduate students will be held. The goal is to give the students exposure to different parts of the field, so they will be better prepared for the plenary lectures and a selection of the other invited talks. It will also give graduate students an opportunity to meet senior researchers in a more relaxed setting, and to begin to establish working relationships with their fellow graduate students --- their future colleagues. Finally, it will help widen their horizons, by exposing them to ideas and problems from other parts of the field, far from their particular research area. There will be ample time for and emphasis on small group discussions and networking. The week will be loosely modeled on a successful week run by Herb Clemens, David Cox, Sheldon Katz, and Dave Morrison before the 1995 Santa Cruz conference. Protocol for participating (and source of more information). Nominees from MSRI Academic sponsors must fill out the application form at this website, and answer “yes� to the question, “Home department will possibly offer partial support�.
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