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Harmonic Analysis January 17, 2017 to May 26, 2017
Organizers LEAD Michael Christ (University of California, Berkeley), Allan Greenleaf (University of Rochester), Steven Hofmann (University of Missouri), LEAD Michael Lacey (Georgia Institute of Technology), Svitlana Mayboroda (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities), Betsy Stovall (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Brian Street (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
The field of Harmonic Analysis dates back to the 19th century, and has its roots in the study of the decomposition of functions using Fourier series and the Fourier transform.  In recent decades, the subject has undergone a rapid diversification and expansion, though the decomposition of functions and operators into simpler parts remains a central tool and theme.   This program will bring together researchers representing the breadth of modern Harmonic Analysis and will seek to capitalize on and continue recent progress in four major directions:      -Restriction, Kakeya, and Geometric Incidence Problems      -Analysis on Nonhomogeneous Spaces      -Weighted Norm Inequalities      -Quantitative Rectifiability and Elliptic PDE Many of these areas draw techniques from or have applications to other fields of mathematics, such as analytic number theory, partial differential equations, combinatorics, and geometric measure theory.  In particular, we expect a lively interaction with the concurrent program.  
Keywords and Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC)
  • weighted theory

  • elliptic PDE

  • Fourier restriction

  • extremizers

  • geometric measure theory

  • nonhomogeneous harmonic analysis

Primary Mathematics Subject Classification
Secondary Mathematics Subject Classification
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Programmatic Workshops
January 19, 2017 - January 20, 2017 Connections for Women: Harmonic Analysis
January 23, 2017 - January 27, 2017 Introductory Workshop: Harmonic Analysis
May 15, 2017 - May 19, 2017 Recent Developments in Harmonic Analysis