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Summer Research 2016 June 06, 2016 to August 05, 2016
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Come spend time at MSRI in the summer! The Institute’s summer graduate schools and undergraduate program fill the lecture halls and some of the offices, but we have room for a modest number of visitors to come to do research singly or in small groups, while enjoying the excellent mathematical facilities, the great cultural opportunities of Berkeley, San Francisco and the Bay area, the gorgeous natural surroundings, and the cool weather. We can provide offices, library facilities and bus passes—unfortunately not financial support. Though the auditorium is largely occupied, there are blackboards throughout the building, so 2-6 people can comfortably collaborate with one another. You are interested? Please apply, as a group,  to our Summer Research Program. To make visits productive, we require at least a two-week commitment.  We strive for a wide mix of people, being sure to give special consideration to women, under-represented groups, and researchers from non-research universities.  
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