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Summer Research for Women in Mathematics June 11, 2018 to August 03, 2018
Organizers Hélène Barcelo (MSRI / Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (SLMath))
The purpose of the MSRI's program, Summer Research for Women in Mathematics, is to provide space and funds to groups of women mathematicians to work on a research project at MSRI. Research projects can arise from work initiated at a Women's Conference, or can be freestanding activities.    See this LINK for information about the 2019 Summer Research for Women in Mathematics program.   Eligibility: Groups of two to six women with partial results on an established project may submit an application to the program. Each member of the group must have a Ph.D. in mathematics or advanced graduate standing. Each group may apply to be in residence at MSRI for a minimum of two weeks, though a longer period of two-weeks is preferred.  The visits must take place between June 11, 2018 and August 3, 2018.   Application Process: The application should include: 1)   the context and description of the research problems to be addressed;  2)   realistic goals to be achieved during the residence at MSRI; 3)   timeline for finishing the project; 3)   the partial results already obtained; and 4)   the history of the collaboration.  5)   2 page bio-sketch for each of the team members The proposal should not be longer than 10 pages (this page limit does not include the bio-sketch).   The proposal should be submitted by email to p329@msri.org. The deadline for application will be February 1, 2018. Due to the high number or applications, decisions will be announced by March 9, 2018.    Selection Process: Factors in choosing the groups will include:  scientific merit of the project the likelihood of finishing the project in the period specified in the application, or a definite plan for completing it afterward the extent to which the whole group can be in residence for the whole period. the extent to which this opportunity will enhance the project, for example by bringing researchers together from different institutions the length of the visit; preference will be given to groups staying for two weeks. Financial Support for travel and local expenses will be provided.  For additional information, please contact Hélène Barcelo, MSRI's Deputy Director,  deputy.director@msri.org.        
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