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Floer Homotopy Theory August 22, 2022 to December 21, 2022
Organizers Mohammed Abouzaid (Columbia University), Andrew Blumberg (Columbia University), Kristen Hendricks (Rutgers University), Robert Lipshitz (University of Oregon), LEAD Ciprian Manolescu (Stanford University), Nathalie Wahl (University of Copenhagen)
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Illustrated by Nathalie Wahl
The development of Floer theory in its early years can be seen as a parallel to the emergence of algebraic topology in the first half of the 20th century, going from counting invariants to homology groups, and beyond that to the construction of algebraic structures on these homology groups and their underlying chain complexes.  In continuing work that started in the latter part of the 20th century, algebraic topologists and homotopy theorists have developed deep methods for refining these constructions, motivated in large part by the application of understanding the classification of manifolds. The goal of this program is to relate these developments to Floer theory with the dual aims of (i) making progress in understanding symplectic and low-dimensional topology, and (ii) providing a new set of geometrically motivated questions in homotopy theory.  Bibliography
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Programmatic Workshops
September 08, 2022 - September 09, 2022 [HYBRID WORKSHOP] Connections Workshop: Floer Homotopy Theory
September 12, 2022 - September 16, 2022 [HYBRID WORKSHOP] Introductory Workshop: Floer Homotopy Theory
November 14, 2022 - November 18, 2022 [HYBRID WORKSHOP] Floer Homotopical Methods in Low Dimensional and Symplectic Topology