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SGP: Modern Signal Processing June 04, 2001 to June 15, 2001
Organizers Dan Rockmore and Dennis Healy
Summer Graduate Student Program I: (please note that MSRI's Summer Graduate Programs are NOT open to the public) This summer graduate program will introduce a new generation of graduate students to the world of signal processing. The course will cover the standard tools of digital signal processing and also give a picture of the exciting new frontiers of the subject. Topics will include wavelets, ISP (integrated sensing and processing), image processing, algorithms, bio-signal processing, optical communication, noncommutative signal processing. In addition, students will be briefly exposed to applications in various areas, such as biology, medicine, neuroscience and engineering. The course will have lectures on basic materical in the mornings, with more topical material in the afternoons. Exercises will be suggested, some computer-based, others not. We will also be visiting the fMRI lab at Berkeley as well as Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory to see some signal processing in action. Format Morning: 2 lectures, 65 minutes each Afternoon: Topics lectures, usually two lectures beginning at 2pm Special Events: Two "field trips" to LBL and fMRI facility Resources All students will be given a copy of Computer-Based Exercises for Signal Processing Using Matlab 5 (Matlab Curriculum Series), by James H. McClellan (Editor), C. Sidney Burrus, Alan V. Oppenheim, and Ronald W. Schafer. Other good resources include DSP First: A Multimedia Approach, by James H. McClellan, Ronald W. Schafer, and Mark A. Yoder Understanding Digital Signal Processing, by Richard G. Lyons We will also be including some web resources. Outside Speakers List and Topics A. Arkin (LLBL): Signal processing and control in biological networks M. D'Esposito (UC Berkeley): Functional magnetic resonance imaging S. Evans (UC Berkeley): Fourier analysis and phylogenetic trees A. Grunbaum (UC Berkeley): TBA P. Kostelec (Dartmouth College): Image registration J. Li (Microsoft Research): Image compression and streaming D. Meyer (UC San Diego): Quantum Fourier transforms U. Osterberg (Dartmouth College): Optical communications C. Priebe (Johns Hopkins University): Integrated sensing and processing N. Saito (UC Davis): Adaptive signal representation G. Hewer (Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake): TBA       Modern Signal Processing Group Photo Modern Signal Processing Group Photo (larger version)          Modern Signal Processing (Summer Graduate Program I)    June 4, 2001 to June 15, 2001   see program webpage at http://zeta.msri.org/calendar/programs/ProgramInfo/51/show_program  
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Programmatic Workshops
June 04, 2001 - June 15, 2001 Modern Signal Processing (Summer Graduate Workshop I)