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SGP: The Global Theory of Minimal Surfaces June 25, 2001 to July 06, 2001
Organizers Joel Hass and David Hoffman
MSRI Summer Graduate Program II: The Global Theory of Minimal Surfaces (please note that MSRI's Summer Graduate Programs are NOT open to the public) Schedule This Summer Graduate Program will coincide with the first two weeks of the Clay Mathematics Institute Summer School on The Global Theory of Minimal Surfaces, which will be held at MSRI from June 25 to July 27. The Summer School is under the direction of David Hoffman of MSRI, and the two-week graduate program is being organized by Joel Hass of UC Davis; other organizers of the Summer School are Arthur Jaffe, Antonio Ros, Harold Rosenberg, Richard Schoen and Michael Wolf. Frank Morgan of Williams College will give a two-week lecture course on "Geometric Measure Theory and the Proof of the Double Bubble Conjecture." Tentative plans include lecture courses or workshops by Konrad Polthier, Richard Schoen and Matthias Weber, with problem sessions and special lectures by a variety of experts in the subject. For more information on the MSRI Summer Graduate Program, please follow this link Notice to students and workshop participants Those of you who are interested in computational aspects of the subject and have access to laptop computers are encouraged to bring these to the workshop. If you have access to Mathematica through a site license, that will also be helpful. It is important to note that the two-week MSRI Graduate Summer Program accepts graduate students nominated by MSRI's Academic Sponsors. Participants in the longer Clay Mathematics Institute Summer School are chosen by the CMI Summer School Organizing Committee. To be considered for the CMI Summer School, graduate students must be nominated separately by a senior mathematician. Please see http://zeta.msri.org/calendar/programs/ProgramInfo/12/show_program for more information about the CMI program.      The Global Theory of Minimal Surfaces (Summer Graduate Program II)    June 25, 2001 to July 6, 2001   see program webpage at http://zeta.msri.org/calendar/programs/ProgramInfo/52/show_program  
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June 25, 2001 - July 06, 2001 The Global Theory of Minimal Surfaces (Summer Graduate Program II)