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SGP: Biomathematics, Bioengineering & Clinical Aspects of Blood Flow July 23, 2002 to August 09, 2002
Organizers Stanley A. Berger, Giovanni P. Galdi (co-chair), Charles S. Peskin, Alfio Quarteroni, Anne M. Robertson (co-chair), Adélia Sequeira, and Howard Yonas
Goal: The main goal of this school is to bring together internationally renowned experts in blood flow to teach junior researchers about blood flow from diverse perspectives. These experts will include surgeons, radiologists, mathematicians, engineers and computational fluid-dynamicists. The school will go well beyond the communication of recent research results. The school will allow students to gain a perspective of cross-disciplinary aspects of the same fundamental topic from experts in the field and provide these young researchers the opportunity to establish research collaborations with the senior researchers from participating countries Structure: The first week of the three-week summer school (July 23-26) will include courses in fundamental graduate level continuum mechanics (fluid mechanics and solid mechanics) and mathematics and numerical methods to provide a common background and vocabulary for the participants. There will be homework assignments and office hours to assure that all the participating students acquire the fundamentals necessary for the subsequent main lectures. The main coverage of the second week (July 29-August 2) and the beginning of the third week will be five short courses entitled: Biofluid-dynamics Anatomy and Physiology Rheology of Blood and the Arterial Wall Mathematical Modeling and Numerical simulation of the Vascular System BioMEMS The remaining part of the second week and most of the third week (August 5-9) will consist of a series of ten to fifteen invited lectures (1-2 hours) by internationally distinguished senior researchers. These invited lectures will treat 'state of the art' themes and present important open questions in the field. Main Lecturers: Stanley A. Berger (University of California, Berkeley) Luke Lee (University of California,Berkeley) Dorian Liepman (University of California, Berkeley) Alfio Quarteroni (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) Anne M. Robertson (University of Pittsburgh) Adélia Sequeira (Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal) Howard Yonas (University of Pittsburgh) Lecturers for the introductory courses Vincenzo Coscia (University of Ferrara, Italy), Alessandro Veneziani (Politecnico di Milano, Italy) Other 15 invited side lecturers from cross-disciplinary fields drawn from both academic institutes and corporate research groups will cover the following topics: Cardiac Fluid Dynamics Medical Imaging of Blood Flow Tissue Engineering of Arteries 3-D Reconstruction of Arteries from Clinical Images Genetic Response of Biological Cells to Mechanical Loading Arterial Stents Experimental Models of the Arterial System Modeling the Changes in the Circulation Occurring at Birth The Immersed Boundary Method for Biofluid Dynamics Flows in the Respiratory System Please note, MSRI's Summer Graduate Programs are open only to students nominated by MSRI's Academic Sponsor universities. This program is partially sponsored by MSRI's Academic Sponsors; additional support has been provided by the University of Pittsburg, Politecnico di Milano (Italy), and Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugual).   International School on Biomathematics, Bioengineering and Clinical Aspects of Blood Flow    July 23, 2002 to August 9, 2002   summer graduate program: see program web page for further info  
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