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MSRI/Evans Lecture: A journey through motivic integration April 21, 2014 (04:00 PM PDT - 05:00 PM PDT)
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Location: 60 Evans Hall
Speaker(s) François Loeser (Sorbonne Université)
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Motivic integration was invented by Kontsevich about 20 years ago for proving that Hodge numbers of Calabi-Yau are birational invariants and has developed at a fast pace since. I will start by presenting informally a device for defining and computing motivic integrals due to Cluckers and myself. I will then focus on  some recent applications. In particular I plan to explain how motivic integration provides tools for proving uniformity results for $p$-adic integrals occuring in the Langlands program and  how one may use "motivic harmonic analysis" to study certain generating series counting curves in enumerative algebraic geometry.

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