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Postdoc Lunch Seminar II: The class E and weak geodesic rays April 22, 2016 (01:10 PM PDT - 02:00 PM PDT)
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Location: SLMath: Eisenbud Auditorium
Speaker(s) Eleonora Di Nezza (Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu; École Normale Supérieure)
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The recent proof Demailly's conjecture by Witt Niströrm gives another evidence that pluripotential theory play a key role when working with complex Monge-Ampère equations in order to solve problems in differential and algebraic geometry. In this talk we investigate pluripotential tools: we characterize the

Monge-Ampère energy class E in terms of "envelopes". And in order to do that, we develop the theory of weak geodesic rays in a big cohomogy class. We also give a positive answer to an open problem in pluripotential theory. This is a joint work with Tamas Darvas and Chinh Lu.

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