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NAG Colloquium: "Projective stacks" May 13, 2024 (02:00 PM PDT - 03:00 PM PDT)
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Location: SLMath: Online/Virtual, Eisenbud Auditorium
Speaker(s) Martin Olsson (University of California, Berkeley)
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Projective stacks


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Projective embeddings and ample line bundles are fundamental to the study of algebraic varieties.  Abramovich and Hassett generalized some of this to stacks with cyclic stabilizers and embeddings into weighted projective stacks.  This approach using line bundles is necessarily restricted to stacks with cyclic stabilizers. In this talk I will explain how to define the notion of ample vector bundle on a stack with more complicated stabilizer group schemes which gives rise to generalized projective embeddings, moduli of polarized stacks, etc.  This is joint work with D. Bragg and R. Webb.

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Projective stacks