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COMA Seminar: "Singularities in Mixed Characteristic via Alterations" May 16, 2024 (02:00 PM PDT - 03:00 PM PDT)
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Location: SLMath: Eisenbud Auditorium, Online/Virtual
Speaker(s) Karl Schwede (University of Utah)
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Singularities in Mixed Characteristic via Alterations


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Multiplier ideals and test ideals are ways to measure singularities in characteristic zero and p > 0 respectively. In characteristic zero, multiplier ideals are computed by a sufficiently large blowup by comparing the canonical module of the base and the resolution. In characteristic p > 0, test ideals were originally defined via Frobenius, but under moderate hypotheses, can be computed via a sufficiently large alteration again via canonical modules. In mixed characteristic (for

example over the p-adic integers) we show that various mixed characteristic analogs of multiplier/test ideals can be computed via a single sufficiently large alteration, at least when one builds in a small perturbation term. This perturbation is particularly natural from the perspective of tight closure, almost mathematics or the theory of pairs from birational algebraic geometry. Besides unifying the three pictures, this has various applications. This is joint work with Bhargav Bhatt, Linquan Ma, Zsolt Patakfalvi, Kevin Tucker, Joe Waldron and Jakub Witaszek.

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Singularities in Mixed Characteristic via Alterations