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Summer Graduate School

Excursions in Computational Number Theory -- Polynomials with Integer Coefficients June 17, 2002 - June 28, 2002
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Location: at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC Canada
Organizers Peter Borwein and Michael Filaseta
Description Note: This Summer Graduate Program will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada at the Pacific Institute of Mathematics facility of Simon Fraser University.

This summer graduate program centers on a variety of computational problems in number theory. These problems all formulate as questions on polynomials with integer coefficients.

Topics include factorization, irreducibility, location of zeros, solutions of Diophantine equations and algorithmic issues (like LLL). An attractive feature is that there are many open problems that are easy to formulate and lend themselves to extensive theoretical and computational exploration. Some of the better known open problems include Lehmer's conjecture, versions of the Waring problem and Littlewood's conjectures.

There will be two or three lectures each day. Afternoon workshops will be based around group explorations of research oriented problems.

Students will be expected to have a base level of computational skill (Maple, Mathematica, Matlab or C).

Please note, MSRI's Summer Graduate Programs are open only to students nominated by MSRI's Academic Sponsor universities.

This program is partially sponsored by MSRI's Academic Sponsors; additional support is provided by the Pacific Institute for Mathematical Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

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