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Combinatorial Game Theory (Summer Graduate Workshop II) July 10, 2000 - July 21, 2000
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Organizers Elwyn Berlekamp and David Wolfe
Description A two-week short course on the mathematics of combinatorial games will be held at MSRI on July 10-21, 2000. Lead instructors will be Prof. E. Berlekamp of UC Berkeley and Prof. David Wolfe of Gustavus Adalphus College, St. Peter, MN. There will also be two series of guest lectures, by Prof. John Conway of Princeton and Prof. Noam Elkies of Harvard. A large collection of not-yet-published problems and their solutions will be distributed, in addition to another collection of unsolved problems. Attendees will be graduate students from MSRI's sponsoring institutions. During the conference, all students will reside in the same dorm at Berkeley. Events will include student projects and competitive tournaments in several relevant mathematical games including two versions of Amazons, 25-square Dots and Boxes, and 10x10 Domineering. A research workshop on Combinatorial Game Theory will also be held at MSRI on July 24-28, 2000. For full consideration to be included in this workshop, papers should be submitted by May 20. For further information, please consult: Recommended reading for the course and workshop: "Games of No Chance", edited by Richard Nowakowski, Cambridge University Press, 1996. Berlekamp Conference Announcement This event has been made possible by the generous support of the Rosenbaum Foundation.
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