Researchers: Travel Policies and Procedures

For Researchers

If you were offered travel reimbursement in your official offer letter from MSRI, please read this carefully. It describes very important policy guidelines regarding your travel reimbursement. Please adhere to the maximum travel reimbursement stated in your offer letter.

Visitors are encouraged to find alternative sources of funding for travel to and from MSRI. Because the Institute's funds are limited, we appreciate visitors' efforts to travel by the most economical means possible when receiving travel reimbursement from MSRI.

Air and Ground Transportation

Visitors must fly on a U.S. or European air carrier in order to receive airfare reimbursement. Please see HERE for complete information.

Ground transportation to and from the airports may be reimbursed as part of the total travel reimbursement amount stated in your offer letter.

Auto Transportation

If visitors drive their own car to MSRI, the Institute provides reimbursement up to the offer letter amount, using standard NSF mileage calculations. MSRI does not provide additional reimbursement for gas to visitors traveling in their own car.

If visitors drive to MSRI in a rented vehicle, the Institute provides reimbursement at the rate of $35.00 per actual travel day, up to the offer letter amount. MSRI estimates reasonable duration of travel based on standard time charts, calculating that members drive approximately eight hours per day. MSRI will not reimburse for car rental beyond actual travel days.

Reimbursement for auto transportation cannot exceed MSRI's standard airfare limit between the same points of travel.

MSRI does not pay for travel of family members or for transportation of vehicles or possessions.

MSRI does not provide reimbursement for expenses incurred during travel, such as food and accommodation.