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Differential Geometry August 11, 2003 to May 15, 2004
Organizers Robert Bryant (co-chair), Frances Kirwan, Peter Petersen, Richard Schoen, Isadore Singer, and Gang Tian (co-chair)
Differential geometry is a vast subject that has its roots in both the classical theory of curves and surfaces, i.e., the study of properties of objects in physical space that are unchanged by rotation and translation, and in the early attempts by Gauss and Riemann, among others, to understand the features of problems from the calculus of variations that are independent of the coordinates in which they might happen to be described. As classical as the subject is, it is currently undergoing a very vigorous development, interacting strongly with theoretical physics, mechanics, topology, algebraic geometry, symplectic topology, partial differential equations, the calculus of variations, integrable systems, and many other subjects. The five main topics on which we propose to concentrate the program are areas that have shown considerable growth in the last ten years: Complex geometry, calibrated geometries and special holonomy Geometric analysis Symplectic geometry and gauge theory Geometry and physics Riemannian and metric geometry
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Programmatic Workshops
June 22, 2003 - June 26, 2003 Preparatory Workshop for the 2003 AMS/MSRI von Neumann Symposium
August 11, 2003 - August 20, 2003 Von Neumann Symposium on Complex Geometry, Calibrations, and Special Holonomy
December 01, 2003 - December 05, 2003 Geometric Analysis
March 22, 2004 - March 26, 2004 Symplectic Geometry and Mathematical Physics