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Mathematics and Computer Science of Market and Mechanism Design August 21, 2023 to December 20, 2023
Organizers Martin Bichler (TU München), Péter Biró (KRTK – Institute of Economics), Michal Feldman (Tel-Aviv University), Nicole Immorlica (Microsoft Research), LEAD Scott Kominers (Harvard Business School), Shengwu Li (Harvard University), Paul Milgrom (Stanford University), Alvin Roth (Stanford University), Eva Tardos (Cornell University)
Gt mechanism design
In recent years, economists and computer scientists have collaborated with mathematicians, operations research experts, and practitioners to improve the design and operations of real-world marketplaces. Such work relies on robust feedback between theory and practice, inspiring new mathematics closely linked – and directly applicable – to market and mechanism design questions. This cross-disciplinary program seeks to expand the domains in which existing market design solutions can be applied; address foundational questions regarding our ways of developing and evaluating mechanisms; and build useful analytic frameworks for applying theory to practical marketplace design. Bibliography This program receives additional funding support thanks to the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.
Keywords and Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC)
  • market design

  • mechanism design

  • auctions

  • matching

  • approximation

  • equilibrium analysis

  • algorithmic game theory

  • complexity

  • economic theory

  • discrete optimization

  • graph theory

  • mathematical programming

Primary Mathematics Subject Classification
Secondary Mathematics Subject Classification
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Programmatic Workshops
September 07, 2023 - September 08, 2023 Connections Workshop: Mathematics and Computer Science of Market and Mechanism Design
September 11, 2023 - September 15, 2023 Introductory Workshop: Mathematics and Computer Science of Market and Mechanism Design
November 06, 2023 - November 09, 2023 Algorithms, Approximation, and Learning in Market and Mechanism Design