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Summer Graduate School

2022 Joint PCMI School: Number Theory Informed by Computation July 17, 2022 - August 06, 2022
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Location: PCMI - Park City Mathematics Institute, Park City, Utah
Organizers Jennifer Balakrishnan (Boston University), Rafe Mazzeo (Stanford University), Bjorn Poonen (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Akshay Venkatesh (Institute for Advanced Study)

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The PCMI graduate summer school program in 2022 will consist of a sequence of 11 minicourses. The lecturers and topics for these minicourses are listed below. Each minicourse is accompanied by a problem session. The topics are arranged so that there is good material and opportunities for learning both for less experienced students as well as more advanced students. Beyond their attendance in these minicourse sessions, all graduate participants will be able to take part in the substantial other benefits of a PCMI session. This includes the opportunity to interact with the researchers in residence and take part in the research seminar component of PCMI. Many graduate students also interact in significant ways with the undergraduate cohort,,the undergraduate faculty cohort, and may also participate in the many pedagogically focused activities which form part of the K-12 Teacher Leadership Program and the Workshop for Equity in Mathematics Education. PCMI includes numerous cross-program activities to help members from all these groups interact with one another.

  1. Henry Cohn, Microsoft Research New England. "Numerical exploration in sphere packing, Fourier analysis, and physics"
  2. Hendrik Lenstra, Universiteit Leiden. "Algorithms in algebraic number theory"
  3. Joseph Silverman, Brown University. "An Introduction to Lattices, Lattice Reduction, and Lattice-Based Cryptograph"
  4. Nadia Heninger, University of California, San Diego. "Lattices, lattice reduction, and computational problems in cryptanalysis and coding theory"
  5. Kristin Lauter, Microsoft Research. "Supersingular Isogeny Graphs in Cryptography"
  6. Andrew V. Sutherland, MIT. "Computational tools for number theorists"
  7. Melanie Matchett Wood, Harvard. "Arithmetic Statistics"
  8. Tim Dokchitser, University of Brisol. "Curves over local fields"
  9. David Harvey, University of New South Wales. "Counting points on curves over finite fields"
  10. Bianca Viray, University of Washington. "Rational points on varieties and the Brauer-Manin obstruction"
  11. Olivier Wittenberg, Institut de Mathématique d’Orsay. "Around the inverse Galois problem"

Due to the small number of students supported by MSRI, only one student per institution will be funded by MSRI.  You may must also apply directly with PCMI, take a look at this page for more information.

For eligibility and how to apply, see the Summer Graduate Schools homepage

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