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Summer Graduate School

Introduction to Quantum-Safe Cryptography (IBM Zurich) June 24, 2024 - July 05, 2024
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Location: IBM Zürich Research Laboratory
Organizers Jonathan Bootle (IBM Zürich Research Laboratory), Luca De Feo (IBM Zürich Research Laboratory)

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This two week summer school, jointly organized by SLMath with IBM Zurich, will introduce students to the mathematics and algorithms used in the design and analysis of quantum-safe cryptosystems. Each week will be dedicated to two of the four families of quantum-safe schemes.

Lattice cryptography
Code-based cryptography
Isogeny-based cryptography
Multivariate cryptography

School Structure

The daily schedule will consist of two lectures and two problem sessions each day.


The minimum requirement for students to beneficially participate in this summer schools are the basics of probability, algorithms, and algebra. Having followed an introduction to cryptography class is a plus, but not strictly necessary.

Application Procedure

SLMath is only able to support a limited number of students to attend this school.  Therefore, it is likely that only one student per institution will be funded by SLMath.

For eligibility and how to apply, see the Summer Graduate Schools homepage.


The summer school will be held at IBM Research Europe in Zurich. Students will be housed in local accommodation with easy public transport access to the lab.  As the first European branch of IBM Research, the mission of the Zurich Lab, in addition to pursuing cutting-edge research for tomorrow’s information technology, is to cultivate close relationships with academic and industrial partners, be one of the premier places to work for world-class researchers, and to promote women in IT and science