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Probability workshop: 2010 PIMS Summer School in Probability. June 21, 2010 - July 10, 2010
Parent Program: --
Location: U. Washington and Microsoft Research
Organizers Krzysztof Burdzy (University of Washington), Zhenqing Chen (University of Washington), Christopher Hoffman (University of Washington), Soumik Pal (University of Washington), Yuval Peres ( University of California, Berkeley)
Description For further information please visit the following link PIMS homepage The 2010 Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS) Summer School in Probability will be held at the University of Washington and Microsoft Research. Main courses: 1. Exchangeable Coalescents - Jean Bertoin 2. Random surfaces and quantum gravity - Scott Sheffield Short courses: 3. Dirichlet Form Theory and Invariance Principle - Zhenqing Chen 4. Scaling Limits and SLE - Gregory Lawler 5. Mixing Times of Markov Chains - Eyal Lubetzky, Yuval Peres and David Wilson Please visit the web site, http://pims2010.web.officelive.com/default.aspx for additional information, including abstracts and syllabi of all courses. Please use the following e-mail address to contact the organizers: pims2010@live.com
Keywords and Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC)
Primary Mathematics Subject Classification No Primary AMS MSC
Secondary Mathematics Subject Classification No Secondary AMS MSC
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