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Find a place to stay during your visit to MSRI

Distances to MSRI

For your planning purposes, please note that MSRI is up a very steep hill from the U.C. campus, accessible

mostly by shuttle bus caught at Evans Hall on the U.C. campus. Please use Google Maps to check the distance

from housing properties to Evans Hall.

MSRI may be accessible from residences in the Berkeley hills via public bus lines. MSRI is accessible via

many scenic and pleasant footpaths in Berkeley. Please note that though the distances of these paths may be

short, the inclines are steep and there is little or no cell phone service from these paths.

Bed and Breakfasts/Vacation & Short Term Rentals

Not sure where to stay? Click on the following webpages for Bed and Breakfasts/Vacation & Short Term Rentals

MSRI has preferred rates at the Hotel Shattuck Plaza, depending on room availability.

To book online, please visit this page (the MSRI rate will automatically be applied).


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