Making a DVD

NOTE: Please note that DVD source files are not available for all lectures.


View instructions for making a DVD (PDF).


Apple OS X

Toast 6 Titanium
  1. From MSRI's web site, download the separate video (.m2v) and audio (.aiff) files of the desired lecture.
  2. Open Toast and click on the tab named "Video".
  3. If you are located outside the United States, you may need to select a different Broadcast Video Standard. A quick search in Google using the acronyms NTSC and PAL will help you find the appropriate standard for your country.
  4. Toast has several options like adding a DVD Menu or inserting photos. For our purposes, we will use the default selections.
  5. Find the video (.m2v) file you downloaded in step one and drag it into Toast. You will be prompted for the location of the audio file (.aiff).
  6. Click the red record button to make the DVD. Toast will ask for a blank DVD. That's it! The burn time will vary depending on the speed of your DVD recorder and computer. When finished, you can play the DVD on your computer or stand-alone DVD player.