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Circle on the Road Spring 2011 March 18, 2011 - March 20, 2011
Registration Deadline: March 20, 2011 over 13 years ago
To apply for Funding you must register by: December 18, 2010 over 13 years ago
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Location: University of Houston
Organizers Dave Auckly, Matthias Kawski, Jeff Morgan, Mark Saul, and Sam Vandervelde
Circle on the Road is the annual meeting of the National Association of Math Circles www.mathcircles.org. The workshop will bring together people with experience running math circles and people who wish to learn how to run a math circle. Approximately one month before the festival, apprentices will be able to sign up with experienced circle leaders to prepare a math circle session to be offered on Saturday, March 19. These sample circle sessions will be open to the public. Friday and  Sunday will feature presentations and discussions about math circles. A poster advertising the workshop may be found at: https://www.mathcircles.org/files/Circle%20on%20the%20Roadposter2.pdf A poster advertising the festival may be found at: https://www.mathcircles.org/files/Festivalposter.pdf The sample sessions are listed at: https://www.mathcircles.org/content/creating-lesson-plans     There are not many hotels near the University of Houston campus.  Thus, we are recommending that you stay at the Hilton on the University campus if you will not have a car. Their url is:   http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/HOUUHHF-Hilton-University-of-Houston-Texas/index.do We have a block of 35 rooms reserved at a rate of $119 for a single or $129 for a double. The code for reserving one of these rooms is MSRI. The cutt-off date for rooms in this block is February 18. For people with a car, we have a block of rooms reserved at the Crowne Plaza Houston Downtown. Reservations at a special rate ($99 per night) may be made by following the following link: http://ichotelsgroup.com/redirect?path=rates&brandCode=CP&regionCode=1&localeCode=en&GPC=MSR&hotelCode=HOUCC&_PMID=99801505   The workshop will start at 2:00 on Friday in room 232 of Farrish Hall. A map showing the rooms is available at www.mathcircles.org/files/Julia%20Robinson%20Mathematics%20Festival%20Locations.pdf The workshop program is available at www.mathcircles.org/files/Program%20Abstracts2.pdf The festival program is at www.mathcircles.org/files/Welcome.pdf Funding offers will start to go out on February 14, 2011, so make sure to register before then for the best chance of funding. The reimbursement form is at www.mathcircles.org/files/Reimbursement.pdf  
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Students, recent PhDs, women, and members of underrepresented minorities are particularly encouraged to apply. Funding awards are typically made 6 weeks before the workshop begins. Requests received after the funding deadline are considered only if additional funds become available.

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