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Emissary Newsletter

The Emissary is the newsletter of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute. It contains in-depth articles on various MSRI activities, as well as announcements of upcoming events.

MSRI Book Series
The book series Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications is now published by Cambridge University Press, and new books are posted here in full text, a few months after publication. All these volumes are in print (to order, follow the link to CUP under each volume).

Math Circles Book Series
Books for students, parents, and leaders in math circles. Books include collections of solved problems, pedagogically sound expositions, discussions of experiences in math teaching, and practical books for organizers of math circles.

CIME Booklet Series
Booklets from workshops on Critical Issues in Mathematics Education.

Other MSRI Booklets
Booklets from conferences held at MSRI.

MSRI Preprints: 1995–2005
Papers written about research done at MSRI. Research at MSRI is supported in part by NSF grant DMS-0441170.

Non-MSRI Publications
Some non-MSRI books and articles

View all MSRI Publications on library.msri.org.