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MSRI-UP 2008 Description

MSRI-UP 2008: Experimental Mathematics

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Research leader/advisor: Victor H. Moll, Tulane University

Prerequisites: Participating students should have already taken the Calculus sequence and a course in Linear Algebra. A course in numerical analysis would be helpful. For maximum benefit, it would be useful if the students have taken a course in physics, chemistry or biology.

Overview of the summer program:
The MSRI-UP summer program is designed for undergraduate students who have completed two years of university-level mathematics courses and would like to conduct research in the mathematical sciences.

During the summer, each of the 18 student participants will:

  • participate in the mathematics research program under the direction of Dr. Moll
  • complete a research project done in collaboration with other MSRI-UP students
  • give a presentation and write a technical report on his/her research project
  • attend a series of colloquium talks given by leading researches in their field
  • attend workshops aimed at developing skills and techniques needed for research careers in the mathematical sciences; and
  • learn techniques that will maximize a student's likelihood of admissions to graduate programs as well as the likelihood of winning fellowships

After the summer, each student will:

  • have an opportunity to attend a national mathematics or science conference where students will present their research
  • be part of a network of mentors that will provide continuous advice in the long term as the student makes progress in his/her studies
  • be contacted regarding future research opportunities.

Professor Moll served as seminar leader/research director in the 2000 and 2002 SIMUs. He has extensive experience in directing graduate and undergraduate student research in areas of integration of rational functions, special functions, experimental mathematics, and symbolic computation. He maintains an active research program in these areas and has published with undergraduate co-authors [BMN, AABKMR, BJM, BMR, MSRW, AMRSW, MS]. Prof. Moll offered an MAA Short Course in Experimental Mathematics at the 2006 Joint Mathematics Meetings. He is also teaching a pilot course in Experimental Mathematics at Tulane University in the Fall of 2007. The course material will be the basis for the 2008 MSRI-UP projects.

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