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MSRI-UP 2018 Research Topic

MSRI-UP 2018: The Mathematics of Data Science

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The theme of the 2018 MSRI-UP is the Mathematics of Data Science and the research leader is Dr. David Uminsky, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of San Francisco. The research program is focused on the core role of (linear) algebra in current research and application areas of Data Science ranging from unsupervised learning, clustering and networks, to algebraic signal processing and feature extraction, to the central role linear algebra plays in deep machine learning. The project topics will be driven by the areas of interest of the students (environmental, social, economic), limited only by access to relevant data.

Students who have had a linear algebra course and a course in which they have had to write proofs were eligible to apply. Familiarity with Python, R, or Matlab or a programming course will be helpful.

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