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MSRI-UP 2019 Research Projects

MSRI-UP 2019: Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics

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Research projects submitted by the members of MSRI-UP 2019, pictured below with the program's faculty, postdoctoral fellow, and graduate student mentors.

On (t,r) broadcast domination of certain grid graphs

Natasha Crepeau, Sean Hays, Alexandro Vasquez

Peaks in parking functions

Mayleen Cortez, Summar Ellis, Morgan Hobson

Parking functions: Naples and beyond

Alex Julia Hinojosa Christensen, Zakiya Jones, Andrés Ramos Rodriguez

Closed forms for the q-analog of Konstant's partition function for the Lie algebra of type A

Lucy Martinez, David Melendez

Weight q-multiplicities for representations of the exceptional Lie algebra of type G

Jerrell Cockerham, Melissa Gutiérrez González, Amaury Miniño

Visualizing the support of Konstant's weight multiplicity formula for the rank two Lie algebras

Juan Ramirez, Eduardo Torres Davila, Fabric Ulysse