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How To Propose a Hot Topics Workshop at MSRI / SLMath

Each year since 1998, SLMath (formerly MSRI) has held week-long workshop on some areas of intense mathematical activity. The workshop should last 5 days (or less).

Proposals must be submitted by March 1st, October 1st or December 1st. All proposals will be considered by the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Committee. To be most useful, a proposal should contain:

    1. A short summary of what is going on in the field, especially what makes it suitable for treatment at this moment.
    2. A list of possible organizers and/or main speakers for the workshop. This list need not be complete, and the proposer does not have to contact the people listed in advance.
    3. Any known information about other recent or proposed conferences in the area.
    4. The primary and secondary Mathematics Subject Classification Codes as well as several keywords.

Click HERE to download a sample proposal, which contains additional requirements.

Proposals can be submitted to the Director, Deputy Director, or any member of the Scientific Advisory Committee with a copy to proposals@slmath.org.